Ahmed Faraz Poetry

Selected Poetry of Ahmed Faraz

Mujh Se Pehlay-Ahmed Faraz اگست 12, 2012

Mujh Se Pehlay-Ahmed Faraz


Ankh Bharti Nahi-Urdu writers مئی 18, 2012

Ankh Bharti Nahi-Urdu writers


Iss Nay Zulm Kya-Urdu poetry مئی 9, 2012


Ankhoon Mein Sittaray Lai Kar-Urdu Poetry فروری 8, 2012

Ankhoon Mein Sittaray Lai Kar-Urdu Poetry


Mussam Ayea اگست 24, 2011

Here is a nice and soft Urdu Ghazal by Ahmed Faraz.


East or West, Ahmed Faraz is best جون 18, 2011


Safar Pa Nikla – by Ahmad Faraz جون 2, 2011

Nice Ghazal,



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